Understanding Constructive Fraud in California

Orange County trial lawyers provide legal representation to clients who wish to pursue legal action or to clients who have been named as defendants in a civil case and who must try to avoid a court finding in the plaintiff s favor. An attorney can help defendants with a wide variety of different types of claims. Many [ ] The post Understanding Constructive Fraud in California appeared first on Brown & Charbonneau, LLP.


Understanding Equitable Estoppel in California

Irvine trial attorneys provide representation to individuals and businesses involved in disputes. Some of these disputes are resolved outside of court through the negotiation of a settlement. Others are resolved in litigation and a judge or jury makes a decision based on the evidence presented and the law applied to that evidence.  One rule of [ ] The post Understanding Equitable Estoppel in California appeared first on Brown & Charbonneau, LLP.

Understanding the Business Judgment Rule in Business Litigation

An Orange County business litigation lawyer provides representation when you sue a company, or when you or your organization are sued. In some cases, a lawsuit is not brought against a business but is instead brought against its corporate directors or board members. Facing personal liability for decisions made while serving as a director or [ ] The post Understanding the Business Judgment Rule in Business Litigation appeared first on Brown & Charbonneau, LLP.