What Are Some Common Reasons Companies are Sued?

If your company is sued, you need to get in touch with an Orange County corporate litigation attorney immediately. A lawsuit could damage the reputation of your business, could cost you money to defend against, and could result in a verdict against your business and in favor of the plaintiff. You need to be proactive [ ] The post What Are Some Common Reasons Companies are Sued? appeared first on Brown & Charbonneau, LLP.


Should You Offer a Settlement if Your Company is Sued?

If your company is sued, you need to talk with Orange County trial lawyers. Attorneys with trial experience can help you to determine what your best response is to a business lawsuit. One of the possible responses that you may wish to consider is offering a settlement. However, a settlement is not appropriate in all [ ] The post Should You Offer a Settlement if Your Company is Sued? appeared first on Brown & Charbonneau, LLP.

Free Report: I’ve Been Sued In California State Court – What Do I Do and How Long Do I Have?

No one wants to be sued. However, if a person or a business files a claim against you, it is important that you are proactive in responding to the lawsuit and in protecting your legal rights.  You cannot simply ignore the lawsuit when you are served, because this could undermine your legal position and take away your opportunity to make arguments on your behalf. You must respond in a timely and informed manner when you are sued in state court so you have the opportunity to file counterclaims and so you have the opportunity to make legal arguments refuting the allegations the plaintiff has made against you. There are strict rules of civil procedure set by California state courts that determine what to do if you are sued, how to provide an answer to the court, and what your time deadlines are for responding to a lawsuit.  It is imperative you follow the regulations to preserve your rights and protect your interests. An Irvine business litigation lawyer can help you to respond in a tim

I’ve Been Sued in Federal Court: What do I Do?

Being named as a defendant in a lawsuit is always stressful. This is especially true when you received notice that a federal lawsuit has been filed against you. A lawsuit in federal court can be brought only under limited circumstances, such as when a case arises out of federal law or when a plaintiff and defendant are from different states and the amount in controversy is $75,000 or greater. Because federal cases are often high-stakes cases with a significant amount of money that could potentially be lost, it is imperative you are fully prepared and make informed choices on how to respond when you receive notice of a lawsuit.  When you are sued in federal court, you have a limited time to respond to the summons and complaint.  An experienced Irvine, CA litigation lawyer who handles federal cases can help you to respond within the deadline and to make informed choices about every step of defending yourself after a lawsuit has been filed against you.  Brown & Charbonneau, LLP has ex