How Much Child Support Must be Paid After a California Divorce?

One of the most fundamental obligations of a parent is to ensure that a child s basic needs are provided for. This obligation does not go away just because a parent is not living with a child. In fact, a parent is obliged to provide support even for a child who he or she does not visit, does not know, and did not intend to conceive. Child support is required of any parent whose rights have not been terminated by the court, and it must be paid regardless of whether the child s parents were married at the time when the child was conceived. Child support also cannot be waived in a prenuptial agreement.  While child support must be paid after a divorce or separation in virtually all cases, the amount of support that is owed is going to differ depending upon many different factors. Parents need to understand how child support will be calculated when a separation or divorce occurs, or whenever there is a shared child who is not being raised in a home with both mother and father. An Irvine,