Can You Prove Neglect in a Custody Case?

The process of determining how parenting time should be divided can be complicated and you should have a child custody lawyer representing you if you are separating or divorcing and have kids with your partner.  It may be especially important for you to be represented by a qualified attorney if you believe the other parent is a neglectful parent who is not able to provide a stable home life for your children.  At Brown & Charbonneau, LLP, we have extensive experience providing legal help to parents during custody proceedings. We can assist you if you are trying to negotiate with your ex to create a custody plan without litigation and we can also help you to prepare a strong case to present in court. If there is suspected abuse or neglect occurring, often negotiating a parenting plan and sharing custody won t work because you don t want to put your children at risk. In these situations, it will be especially important to be represented by a skilled child custody lawyer who can help y


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