Arguing Against a Prenup Position on Spousal Support

Spousal support may be ordered when a marriage ends if there is a disparity in the income of the two spouses. Spousal support can be awarded on a temporary basis and, if the marriage was a short one, it is common for support to be granted for half of the time the marriage lasted. This would mean a marriage of six years could result in the higher earning spouse paying spousal support for the lower earner for around three years.  In some cases, spousal support is ordered on a permanent or ongoing basis, especially if the marriage was a marriage of long duration that lasted 10 years or more.  In some cases, when people marry, they want to protect themselves from being forced to pay spousal support. As a result, a couple may enter into a prenuptial agreement which addresses whether spousal support will be paid or not. The prenuptial agreement can dictate an amount of spousal support (which is sometimes based on years of marriage) or can involve a waiver of the right to spousal support a


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