When are Civil Claims Resolved in Federal vs. State Court?

If you have a dispute which needs to be resolved using the legal system, you will need to speak with a civil litigation attorney to provide you with guidance and advice.  Private disputes are resolved through the civil court system, as opposed to the criminal court system.  The wronged party files a lawsuit and becomes the plaintiff, and the person against whom accusations are made becomes the defendant. The defendant can make counter claims against the plaintiff.   The civil court system can be complex to navigate, which makes having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side essential. One of the biggest issues involves making a determination on which court has jurisdiction over your case. In some situations, only one court will have the authority to hear a claim. In other situations, there may be multiple courts that have jurisdiction and could preside over the disagreement.  When there are multiple courts with jurisdiction, forum shopping is possible so you can choose the court most


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