How Can a Business Protect Trade Secrets?

Intellectual property has become one of the most important types of property that exists. When your company has a proprietary process, a special formula or recipe, or any other information that is unique to your organization, this information may be considered a trade secret. The trade secret may be instrumental to the success of your business, and it has a tangible value.  In order to ensure that you safeguard your business secrets and maintain their value, it is necessary to take some basic steps to protect trade secrets. An Irvine business lawyer at Brown & Charbonneau, LLP can provide you with guidance and advice on the ways that you can protect your proprietary information so it does not fall into the wrong hands or become public knowledge. How to Protect Trade Secrets That Belong To Your Organization There are several steps that you should take to protect your company s trade secrets. One of the most important things your business needs to do to protect trade secrets is to ensu


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