Where Can My Spouse and I Get Help to Work Out Differences Outside of Court?

When you are divorcing or negotiating a separation agreement, many issues need to be addressed. Decisions need to be made on how community property should be divided, on whether alimony will be paid, and on who will have custody of shared children. Making these decisions can be difficult for couples, especially as people who separate or divorce are generally not getting along very well and may have a hard time compromising.  It is very beneficial to couples to work out differences outside of court so they can create their own separation or divorce settlement agreement without having to involve a judge and litigate all issues.  If a couple cannot do this on their own, there are places to get help. An Irvine divorce and family lawyer at Brown & Charbonneau, LLP can provide guidance and advice to couples who wish to find an alternative to litigation in resolving their differences during a divorce or separation. Where Can You Get Help to Work out Differences Outside of Court? There are


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