Is Mediation Useful in Resolving Business Partnership Disputes?

Mediation is a collaborative process. It involves working together, instead of being on opposing sides as you would be in litigation. There should be no winners and no losers in mediation. Instead, the parties who are having a disagreement should come together to create a compromise and to find a solution that works for all who are involved in the dispute.  Because mediation is collaborative, it is a popular approach to resolving disputes when parties are having a disagreement but must resolve the conflict and move forward together. Since business partners usually want to continue company operations and keep working together even when a dispute arises, mediation can be useful in resolving business partnership disputes. However, mediation is not always an appropriate method of dispute resolution. An Irvine partnership dispute lawyer can help you to determine if mediation is the right option for you when a conflict arises. Brown & Charbonneau, LLP has extensive experience representing


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