Can Child Support Payments Continue After a Child Turns 18?

The amount of child support that is due is determined based on a standard formula that is established under California law. A parent who is under order to pay child support will typically have money automatically collected from his or her paycheck so it can be provided to the parent who has primary or sole custody of a child. Payments must be paid as ordered, or there are serious legal consequences.  Parents who are paying child support payments or who are receiving such payments need to understand how long child support is required to be paid.  In some cases, these payments can continue after a child has turned 18. An Irvine, CA family law attorney can provide information on child support guidelines and regulations in California as well as information on when child support payments may be discontinued. To learn more about your rights as a parent and for help protecting your children and ensuring they are financially provided for, contact Brown & Charbonneau, LLP today. Can Child S


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